Compassionate Conservation Workshop

Compassionate Conservation Workshop, London 29-30th November 2012

On 29-30th Nov 2012, an invited group of international experts and practitioners in animal welfare and conservation met at the Royal Geographical Society in London to further develop a practical framework for Compassionate Conservation. The meeting was coordinated by the Born Free Foundation and followed on from the hugely successful Compassionate Conservation Symposium, held at the University of Oxford in 2010. The meeting involved consideration of decision-making in conservation, the role of legislation and the tensions between animal welfare, animal rights and conservation theory and practice. The meeting participants have agreed to work together over the coming months to create, as far as possible, the basis for an effective and useful framework to guide future decisions and actions taken in the name of conservation, and to ensure that animal welfare is given greater consideration as a key component in conservation. This exciting work is ongoing.

Virginia McKenna Award

First Virginia McKenna Award for Compassionate Conservation Announced

Heartfelt congratulations to Shivani Bhalla of the Ewaso Lions Project on being awarded the first Virginia McKenna Award for Compassionate Conservation! The award, sponsored by the Born Free Foundation, is intended to provide support and recognition for researchers, practitioners, organisations and projects that promote and develop the consideration of animal welfare in conservation practice. Shivani was selected to receive the award for her work with local communities to conserve lions and other large carnivores in northern Kenya by reducing conflict and helping them understand the importance of lions and other wildlife.